Highland Park 12 Años

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Producer: Highland Park 12 Years

Alcohol volume: 40.00

Bottle Volume: 700.0

Single Malt

Viking Honor (Viking Honor) reflects the culture of the remote island of Orkney, which belonged to a vast Viking kingdom and where the distillery that makes it is also based. It is created to the same standards introduced in 1798 by the founder of the house, Magnus Eunson, a descendant of the first Viking settlers. This is a disturbed, powerful and structured whiskey, although with an elegant mid palate. We can also enjoy with it aromas of fruit cake, winter spices, oranges and smoked charcoal. Ideal for relaxing on an autumnal or winter afternoon and transporting ourselves with our minds to the magical green Scottish lands thanks to its Celtic aesthetic.

Nose: Aromas of heather honey, fruit cake, winter spices, oranges and peat.

Pairing: Recommended with venison haunch, chocolate gingerbread cookies, soft cheeses like French brie, and even sushi and wasabi.