Vino Grado - Find Your Spanish Wine
Welcome to wine tasting in Barcelona!
We help our clients understand  Spanish Wines.
- How do we do it?
- Through a series of wine-tasting workshops,
in a fun and easy way!
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Wine Tasting in Barcelona
Everything you wanted to know :
- Is Cava a wannabe champagne or a world unto itself?
- What are wine “ tears” or “ legs”?
- What on earth does “ Crianza” mean? As well as all the other words on that label
- What do Tempranillo, Tinta del Pais and  
Ull de Llebre have in common?
- All the wines are made of grape. How come they all taste like different fruits?
- Which Spanish wine is the best match for your roast turkey, sushi or BBQ lamb?
- What are the great names and the best kept secrets of Spanish “liquid geography”?
To find the answers to the above and many other wine questions, 
and to taste some mouth-watering Spanish wines,
Please do not hesitate to contact us!
We hope to see you soon!
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