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Why? To " demystify"  
Spanish Wines !
Spain is the land of wines. With nearly 1.16 million hectares under vine, Spain is the country with the largest area of vine cultivation in the world; and ranks third in the world production of wine.
Though sometimes overshadowed by its powerful and famous neighbours, Italy and France, wines from Spain excel in both quality and quantity. Today a world class producer of reds, whites, sherry and sparklers, there are an estimated 5,500 wineries of Spain, producing 870 million gallons (4 billion litres) of wine per annum alone!
Did you know that:
-   The first vineyards on the Iberian Peninsula were cultivated 3,000 years ago?
- During the Arab rule in 8-15 centuries winemaking was slowed; but the real take-off started after the Christian Reconquest of Spain in the 15-16  centuries?  
- The arrival of phylloxera in the 19 century devastated the vineyards but stimulated modernization of the winemaking via introduction of new grape varieties, machinery and methods?
- In the 20th century the sector was undergoing ups and downs due to the social turmoil and wars, and started recovering again in the 50s?
- Since that time Spanish winemaking has undergone serious modernization, the new revolutionary techniques were introduced by a group of hard-working pioneers, who have learned to combine tradition with innovation, giving rise to unique wines of unprecedented quality?
We honestly believe that there exists a Spanish wine for each person – irrespective of your age, gender, gastronomic preferences, solvency, mood or occasion – and we see our mission in helping you find your own Spanish wine!
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