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What Oak does to Wine
04 June 2015
20.00 - 22.00
Price: 25 EUR
Using oak plays a significant role in winemaking. 

Coming into contact with wine during fermentation or aging in barrels, (the technology known to the humanity since Roman times), oak has a profound effect on the resulting wine, affecting its color, aromas, flavors, tannins and texture.
Different types of oak transmit different aromas and flavors to wine. Different size, degree of toasting and age of barrels matters, too.

Is oaky good or bad? 

During our 2-hour session we will try to find the answer to this long-term dispute of wine lovers, speak about different types of oak and how they influence the wine, discuss the kind of food that pairs best with the oaky wines (and why), and learn the latest oak-related trends in wine world.

We will taste 5 wines altogether and observe how the taste changes due to different presence of oak.
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