Vino Grado - Find Your Spanish Wine
Wine is a unique natural product,
- A part of human heritage for millenia
  - Enjoyed by millions, making focus to celebrations
  - Appreciated for its flavour, body, bouquet and other amazing qualities, it often complements good food
During our wine-tasting workshops:
- We find out why wine is the only " intellectual" drink in the world,
We learn to enjoy wine slowly and consciously, by engaging all your senses
- We lead you through Spanish wine zones and regulations, as well as major Spanish grape varietals
- We learn how to read Spanish wine labels
- We discover different wine aromas (and why they are different!)
- We get familiar with the principles of food and wine pairing and serving temperature
-- You get some practical tips and tools
on how to select the best Spanish wine for
your needs at the store or at the restaurant,
and not to overspend!
- We discuss the best kept secrets and the great names of Spanish wine-making
- We speak about the benefits of moderate wine consumption, its role in a healthy lifestyle; and  find out:
How much is too much ??
And we certainly taste delicious Spanish wines!
Paco de Lucia
Entre dos Aguas
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